Friday, May 25, 2007

Name That...Kid

Judy from Parents’ GoodyBlog has tagged me with this meme:

Give the meaning of your kids’ names, and write about what or how or why you gave the name to your kids. Tag five people to play along and leave a comment at their blog to let them know they have been tagged.

This is a little tricky for me as my kids go by pseudonyms here, but I’ll make it work! Heck, it might even be more fun this way as I didn’t pick their birth names!.

Ninja Boy was given this name because since birth he has been obsessed with Ninjas. We coaxed him into going to Kindergarten and First Grade by telling him that ninjas have to graduate before they can really be a ninja. I suppose I don’t have long before I’ll have to change his name to Ninja Man. Ooooon second thought, No. He’ll always be Ninja Boy. His birth name is actually The Man’s bff, Cowboy's, name and TM’s name. When Cowboy has a son (which, may be never) he is supposed to switch the names around. So his child will be The Man Cowboy. Or, would it be Boy Ninja?? You get what I mean, right?

Sunshine’s pseudonym came to me immediately. Since she was a baby, she has been the sunshine in my life. Plus, her appearance had a lot to do with it - She has the most beautiful “light up the room” smile. And she is a natural blonde with a natural tan. She’s also a total summer girl. I have a feeling this one will be leaving me for the West coast when she gets old enough. If she could, she would live in flip-flops and skirts or shorts.

My sweet Isabella – we had a really hard time picking names for this one. I really wanted to name her Hazel after my great-grandma, but The Man said “No way.” He actually – seriously – wanted the name Holly. I wish I could tell you all what his last name is because the combination is just ridiculous. Like, INSANELY ridiculous. So anyway, we were at a hotel visiting with my grandparents and they asked me what we had come up with for names. Out of *nowhere* The Man says, “What about Isabella Grace?” and I was set on it. I have no idea how he came up with it, but it was seriously the most beautiful name I’d ever heard.

I have to tag five people! A lot of you go by pseudonyms yourselves, so this could be hard.

So instead (because I break all the rules), just tell me in the comments how you came up with them. Or! If you have a lot to say, feel free to consider this a tag. :)

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